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Øistein Jakobsen

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Recently added artworks

Hanna KvanmoBlue & RedUps & DownsScull on vinylThe MaskMaskFight like a GirlEyes without a faceSuperZeroMIKOSIWEASKSchool girlVBSUColabRelevant WarriorToy KingHigh on BergenFacesVBSUCalligraffitiFaceSmiling with the sunThoughtfullScribble TribeFaceRespektThings used to be cooler!UntitledThe Harbor CatUntitledUntitledDescentPlastic FantasticTeddy RiotUntitled UntitledFacesUlvQuarantineThug LifeBirdieThey never ask: How's WaldoUntitledStørst av AltMotgangenLet's talk bootsCommunicationPilt?The Man on the corner

Our favorite places

Marinehallen – The ProjectLumi Contrast – Projects 1-3 – The BeginningLumi Contrast 4 - The ProjectInstitute of Marine Research Matre – The projectVossamarknaden - The ProjectNygårdslien Barneskole - The ProjectSolheimsviken BallbingeThe Walkway by the RiverWayBack - The ProjectGraffiti spotThe Wall 2020 – The ProjectFyllingsdalen VGS – The projectKLUS - The ProjectHop Elementary School - The ProjectColab at Haukeland - The ProjectFauskanger II - The ProjectSteinkjeller gatenFauskanger I - The projectIn Remembrance - The ProjectDanmarksplass - The under walkDPS Kronstad - The ColabPeppes Pizza - The ProjectMannsverk - The Surrealistic AquariumLitteraturhuset - The ProjectHerdla Fortress - The Project
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